5 1/2"-6 1/2" Alligator Head


5 1/2"-6 1/2" Alligator Head 00142

These alligator heads are from 3 foot American alligators. Alligators have between 74 and 80 teeth in their mouth at a time. As teeth wear down they are replaced. A taxidermy process cures the alligator skin and the alligator skull so it will be preserved for years.

These gator heads may have missing/broken teeth, scars, scrapes, cuts, etc. These are from alligator farms and wild alligators! These are real alligators and will have imperfections due to fighting! These gator heads do not have felt backing - the open backs of the heads have been painted black. There will be an odor from the clear sealant used on these heads. The odor will subside over time.

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