“I like long romantic walks on the beach, romantic movies and love songs…..Just kidding! I’m a wife to the most kind hearted loving man that supports me no matter how crazy my impulsive idea may be, a mother of two boys; Trevor (15) the Tuba player and Jacob (10 going on 30 ) a 5th grade safety patrol, 3 pugs and a pig.  After losing someone close to me I realized life is very short, and I’ve already gave most of mine to the Corporate World. It was time to do something that I love while helping people. My recipes for the body scrubs were originally just an experiment with my niece Cierra after a “girls day” trip to the flea market. We spoke to a nice couple that made their own diffusing oils and it sparked our interest. We made our purchase with them and immediately drove to the store to purchase our other ingredients after discussing what we wanted to make, and we made it! 

“Welcome to the world little one, I think I’ll name you Southern Sudds & Supreme Scrubs!(IN A MORGAN FREEMAN VOICE OR THE JAMES EARL JONES) You’re  what everyone that loves Southern Sudds is raving about.” Sorry, I just had to do it. My goal is to provide my clients with the best products and prices without sacrificing customer service or quality. I’m successfully doing so by hand-mixing all of Southern Sudds natural ingredients and shopped around until my eyes crossed and my brain was mush to find an affordable, cruelty free manufacturing company for my supplies. So not only do the prices reflect but so does your all natural hand-made product that you helped design.

I absolutely love to hear other peoples ideas! Its kind of like building a monster and I’m Dr. Frankenstein! Except, I am 100% against animal testing and we use natural products. (Knee slap) So, feel free to contact me anytime with questions or suggestions. Well, I hope I have brought a smile to your face and remember everyone has choices in life and you chose to use Southern Sudds, I want to personally thank you and hope you enjoy all of our products.”


I would say I have been experimenting in the kitchen for at least thirty years. I began building my own recipes out of boredom for traditional meals and out of my failure to follow the directions provided in recipe books. After thirty years I still love cooking, so when my daughter told me she was making hand made body scrubs, it struck my interest. She first introduced me to her own hand made body scrubs and foot scrubs and before i knew it, she was coaching me on the health benefits of essential oils. I bought a small starter kit and “Voila!” I was born again in the kitchen. I’m not sure if she knew what she was doing, it just might have been a bi-product of her own excitement, or it could have been a strategic move on her part to engage me into helping her (she can be passively aggressive when she wants me to do something), either way it’s too late now, she turned me loose and created a scrub monster.
As a proud parent, I will say that some of my rebellion to following recipes rubbed off on her.  She has become a fabulous cook in her own right and she independently crossed the line of creativity by taking her unique ideas into the world of Essential Oils. Her own line of Southern Sudds and Supreme Scrubs products are not just a pretty fragrance, they actually work. I haven’t purchased a single retail soap or skin product since the day she passed down her secrets to me. It is funny how time reverses roles. I just wish she would have come up with these products when she was five and standing on a chair helping me cook. I am now fifty-five years old and my skin is in the best condition it has ever been in my entire life.  
 In addition to being a proud parent of an only child, I am a happily married woman, who has two beautiful grandsons, four Corgis, three Rescues, three Grand-Pugs, and a son-in-law, all of whom have been willing test subjects at the dinner table and with our Southern Sudds products. None of the dogs or the grandsons have been hurt or injured in the making of these products, and I wish I could include my husband and son-in-law in that statement, but we had to test our products on someone. LOL, Just kidding, their masculinity may have been bruised a little when we made them test products specifically designed for the female gender, but they came out smelling nice and feeling super soft.
Anyway, after thirty-five years of working in office management for other successful companies, I now find myself working for my own daughter and having a great time doing it.  She allows me to experiment and be creative in my own kitchen, and she even allowed me to pick my own title.  With that being said, I guess I consider myself a “Designer” or a “Scrubologist”. LOL again, I told you I was having fun. 
I thank you and your skin will thank you too for trying Southern Sudds. 
Lita Thomas 
Southern Sudds Designer


commercial sales Lead

“My goal at Southern Sudds with our Mechanics Mudd line of hand cleaner is to provide superior products at a fantastic price! I always help with customizing the clients orders and acknowlege any concerns my clients may have. But, most importantly I make sure all their business needs are met in a timely manner.”





It happened much faster than I ever dreamt, yes, the golden years have arrived! They actually have been here for a few years already. I have worked hard at different professions from an early age, having professions from building boats, to serving food and drinks, and my favorite of all, being a caregiver to those at their end of life, my mother included. 

I’ve recently purchased a camper and a truck to pull it, and plan on seeing our beautiful USA. I was born and raised in Florida, therefore I have not seen much of our beautiful country.
My beautiful niece Katie, has presented to me a unique opportunity. She has asked me if I would like to be a sales rep for her totally unique business here at Southern Sudds.
  The products are fantastic! The scrubs feel great and have a beautiful fragrance.
Enough about me though. I look forward to working with Katie and the team, and getting to know her customers. I’m also looking forward to taking this on the road.