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Baths, in general, have been around for ages — from spas, to hot springs to bathhouses. Egyptian, Greek, Chinese and Japanese cultures have used the therapeutic and disease-fighting benefits that come from taking baths. The comfort one receives while taking a bath is likened to being in the womb and can significantly improve mood. Southern Sudds offers a variety of accessories for your bathing needs.

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Liptastic Sticks Original Lip Balm Stick (1.5) Herbal Mint Lip Balm Stick (1.5) Vanilla Lip Balm Stick (1.5) Cherry Lip Balm Stick (1.5)
Essential Oil Bubble Bath 8 oz. Lavender & Chammomile (8.5) 8 oz. Spearmint & Eucalyptus (8.5)
Fragrance Bubble Bath Honey Bear (6.5) Chocolate Honey (6.5) Aloe (6.5) Spa Waters (6.5)
Natural Make Up Products Creamy Neutral Blush (4) Creamy Rose Blush (4)